We Make Our Own Drivers

The only way to control LED product quality, is to make your own LED light engines and drivers. Linmore LED does that. 98% of LED “manufacturers” buy an off-the-shelf driver. These drivers are built for price point, not quality or longevity.

Superior Quality

We have designed our drivers and chosen the quality of the components inside. Drivers have internal fail points. But when you build your own drivers, you can mitigate failures by selecting better components and designs. Our driver quality is the best in the industry.

Exclusive Multi-Channel Architecture

Linmore LED has pioneered the biggest game changer in the LED industry… Multi-Channel Drivers. A multi-channel driver means that each light source in a fixture gets a unique pair of output wires from the driver. If there are three light sources in a fixture, there are 3 sets of DC output wires from our driver. What does this mean for facilities? Proper operation, greatly reduced failures, and less maintenance cost.

Ultra Performance

When you make your own LEDs and Drivers, you can design them to work optimally together and deliver Ultra-Performance. We are often asked how we get such high performance from our lighting. We won’t tell all of our secrets, but this is one of them. Properly mated components just deliver better results.

  • LED Highways

  • 10-Year Warranty

  • Made in California

  • High Efficiency LED

  • Highbay Retrofit Kits

  • Lowbay Retrofit Kits

  • Vapor-Tight Retrofits

  • Area Light’s and Wall Packs

  • Wide Body LED Vapor-Tights

  • BAA Compliant LED Solutions

  • Infinitely Controllable Solutions

  • Enocean Enabled Control Platform

  • We Manufacture Our Own LED Drivers

Outdoor Fixtures

Indoor Fixtures

Retrofit Systems

LED Light Bars





Industrial and non-conditioned facilities require high bay lights designed for that environment. Our superior thermal management and high quality components allow our LED High Bay fixtures to outperform our competitors in these applications, providing the lowest total cost of ownership and allowing property owners and tenants to improve light levels, reach energy efficiency targets, and reduce operating costs.

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