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About the Company

Espen Technology is dedicated to delivering sustainable and environmentally progressive lighting solutions. As a manufacturer and designer of high efficiency lighting products, Espen continually strives to improve the efficiency of lighting technology. Our products reflect an emphasis on sustainability, quality, and reliability. Our product development is driven by a simple commitment: to improve people’s lives and build a better future for generations to come.

Our Vision

Espen Technology Inc. is dedicated to the proliferation of energy efficient lighting. Through the technology that we provide to our customers, we add to the broader effort of energy conservation through efficient lighting. Our services and products help businesses, government agencies, contractors, and consumers manage their energy consumption and attain sustainable growth. Our goal is to develop quality products that will better the lives of our consumers and build a better future.

Our Capabilities

• LED products with high efficiency, advanced thermal management, increased life, and versatility

• Global leader in manufacturing LED linear retrofit systems

Stringent component qualification & quality control guarantee

• Industry-leading warranty policy
  • LED Drivers
  • NSF TLED’s
  • BAA TLED’s
  • Retrofit Door Kits
  • Emergency Drivers
  • HID Lamps & Ballasts
  • Fluorescent Lamps & Ballasts
  • LED Replacement for Pin Based CFL’s
  • Type C Listed Lamps & Drivers
  • Strip & Troffer Retrofit Kits
  • T8 & T5 Linear LED Lamps

LED Tubes

Sign Lamps

LED Retrofit Kits

LED Drivers

Fluorescent Ballasts

Emergency Solutions

Step Down Transformer


BAA/TAA Compliant

Fluorescent Lamps

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