Designed, produced and shipped from Minnesota

About the Company

Since 1992, Energy Solutions International has been specializing in providing innovative, energy-efficient lighting solutions for commercial, industrial, and retail industries. At ESI, we are proud to be made right in West St. Paul, Minnesota.

ESI lighting is your total solution for the needs of today’s retrofit energy driven environment. With a tenacious focus on always providing the correct solution, we believe in creating energy efficient excellence for our friends doing business in the retrofit space of the lighting industry! We are passionate about being “American Made” and only use high quality materials and cutting-edge technology in our products. Our ability to modify our product offering to match individual project needs and special applications is truly unique in our industry. Combining our flexibility and solution-centric mindset with our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities secures our promise that “we will always do it right.” Read more…

ESI Services

Design & Prototyping

For years LED lighting design has consisted of glass and metal pieces purchased from a wholesaler or a home improvement store. As technology has progressed, Energy Solutions has developed a comprehensive design and prototyping system to help our customers get exactly what they desire in commercial lighting design. With the help of design simulation software, we can design and develop lighting fixtures for even the most difficult projects. We use an array of programs Including: AutoDesk Inventor, Photopia, Radan, and AGI32. Read more…

Project Scope Development

Energy Solutions International is proud to have such a diverse service offering. Unlike other companies, we don’t shy away from small or complex jobs. We have experienced and educated team members who are ready to improve your environment with our LED projects! Read more…

Flex Lighting Products