We are a high energy company that is flexible, and agile enough to succeed the ever growing and changing sustainable market.  We pride ourselves in being responsive, solution focused, and driven to provide a win-win for everyone involved in a new construction or retrofit project.

Detailed Photo Metric Layout’s:

We take the guess work out of lighting a new space or re-lighting an existing space.  With our state of the art lighting layout’s you will always be sure to have the right amount of light where and when you need it. We use IES standards, and personal preference to perfectly light your space.  Maximizing output in conjunction with efficiency is our primary objective.  We can compare multiple options side by side to get just what you are looking for.

Financial Analysis for Lighting Upgrades:

This is another great way to make an informed decision when it comes to your lighting.    We provide a detailed payback analysis, in considering the move to LED.  In most cases, we are reducing the energy by 60% as it pertains to the lighting.  Lighting makes up 40% of a commercial environment’s energy use.  We take advantage of any and all Tax incentives, and available utility rebates, reducing the out of the pocket cost of the project sometimes as much as 50%…  We are capable, and competent to walk you through the process from start to finish.

Local Utility Rebate Guidance and Assistance:

Let us help you navigate the cumbersome utility rebate process, and capture tax incentives.  We are familiar with all local utility providers and programs, and work closely with them.  These incentives is your money that you have payed in as tax on your energy bill, not subsidy….  YOUR MONEY.  TAKE ADVANTAGE.

Before & After Videos and Pics

L an D offers a before and after service that will clearly show your ROI on new lighting.  Clearly see the benefits of new lighting through video and or high res photography. 

  • Commercial Lighting

  • Residential Lighting

  • Industrial Lighting

  • Acoustic Lighitng

  • Light Poles

  • UV Lighting

  • And More!

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