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IR‑TEC America is the latest successful venture that IR‑TEC International has undertaken since January 2013. IR‑TEC International is an ISO‑9001 and ISO‑14001 certified company that has been designing and manufacturing a variety of sensors and control devices for building security and energy management since 1982. All IR‑TEC products are developed and manufactured by a professional engineering team in our own completely sensor controlled headquarters in Taiwan.

Based in Brea, CA, the IR‑TEC America team brings over 20 years of occupancy sensor and lighting control service experience to all customers in the North American market. While IR‑TEC International has been servicing many customers in America with a high level of satisfaction for many years, IR‑TEC America was created to have proactive sales and in-time technical support locally.

Our Commitments

Powered by never ending innovation, IR‑TEC focuses on developing better, more efficient, and more user friendly products. Our goal is to provide a safer and more energy efficient solution for building control throughout the world.

Continuous Innovation
Trustworthy Reliability
Human Technology
Optimizing Efficiency
Highest Cooperation

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  • Wall Switch Sensors
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Power Pack & Controllers
  • Wired & Wireless Solutions
  • Wireless Controlled Zigbee Network
  • Interior and Exterior Control Solutions

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